Usage Guidelines

We sincerely hope that you will use this blog to find information and engage in conversation and we invite you to become a follower. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Privacy  Please be aware that this is a public blog and be mindful of posting personally identifiable information.
Be nice  Our parish blog should be a safe place for all to engage in conversation. Show tolerance for divergent opinions. No personal attacks or insults. Comments are moderated.
No selling  Please do not market your products and services here. Spam comments will be deleted.

By posting to this blog, you agree to the guidelines above. Although the blog is moderated, we acknowledge that occasionally something inappropriate may find its way onto it. Grace Church reserves the right to remove content deemed inappropriate, offensive or otherwise in violation of the guidelines immediately.

Disclaimer: Grace Episcopal Church is not responsible for and does not endorse any content, advertising, products, advice, opinions, recommendations, terms of use or privacy policies, or other materials available from third parties. Opinions expressed by followers are those of the persons submitting the comments and do not represent the views of Grace Episcopal Church.

Thank you so much for understanding and we look forward to your participation!

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