A Future of Grace: Living as a Community of Prayer, Compassion, and Belonging

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I want to invite everyone to attend a special Forum this coming Sunday, September 16, at 9:30 AM in the Parish Hall. At that time, I will make a presentation about our Bicentennial Capital Campaign. The time has come! These are very exciting days for us as a community, and I hope everyone can attend. Here is a short video I made to introduce it.

I will have details to share with you, as well as opportunities for deeper reflection and prayer as we embark together on this deeply meaningful time together. I will also introduce the leadership teams for the campaign as well, and I will ask you for your support and prayers for these folks as they carry details for the entire community.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been your rector for almost five years. In that time, we have shared rich spaces of growth, prayer, compassion, and collaboration. You have made me a better priest (although I still have ample room to grow!).

So, I hope to see you Sunday morning as we step into this next season of our life and shared ministry.

God bless you all!
Fr. Stuart

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