A Taste of Anglicanism: An Intergenerational Pilgrimage

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Grace Church parishioners are invited to come join a fascinating parish-wide pilgrimage June 22 to 30, 2018 (tentative dates) as we explore key sites in the Anglican Tradition in London and Oxford, England. There are far too many locations and topics to cover in one pilgrimage, so our time together will give us a glimpse of a few key focus points in Anglican history, liturgy, spirituality, education, and ministry. We will specifically visit Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Lambeth Palace, Oxford University, and Cowley Parish where the monastic order of the Society of St. John the Evangelist began. We will also have two entire “free days” where groups can self-plan and visit locations in London that interest them. All of these locations will give us a slow-paced opportunity to reflect on architecture, spirituality, government, history, society, art, worship, and music. I know we will have fascinating dinner conversations together!

Our pilgrimage will be an intergenerational one, with youth going alongside others from the parish community. In the months leading up to our time there, interested high school youth can focus on one area which they will then teach to the pilgrims when we are there. Middle schoolers can attend with one or more parents, while high schoolers will be able to go with chaperones from the parish, including Fr. Stuart and Dr. Park. Families are encouraged to attend together, and we will work to arrange for roommates, etc. for any who want to go.

We are working to keep costs down, and we will be staying in one hotel the entire time, near a tube and mass transit that we will use for our day trips. This way, families can all share a room together if they want, making it even more affordable. We will also have a couple large-scale fundraisers in the next few months, with hopes that the proceeds raised will cover 50% of high schoolers’ costs with the remainder being divided among everyone who is attending. If more funds are raised, we will continue applying them among everyone’s balance, working to decrease cost and increase participation.

We need to limit the group to 30, so we are putting the word out now. Projections for the final cost are being calculated now, and we ask that interested parties make a refundable $300 deposit by September 15 to hold your spot. The final cost will cover transportation, room, breakfast and dinner each day, and daily travel costs. Lunch and other personal expenses are not included. As details come into place, we will have more specific information to share. Stay tuned, and let me know if you are interested!

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For those who have asked, we have more information on the upcoming pilgrimage A Taste of Anglicanism, on June 22 to 30 in London and Oxford. We will spend six full days together (eight days including travel) exploring key spaces in Anglican history, liturgy, theology, art, and current events. Our current focus points include: Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Lambeth Palace, and Oxford University (including Cowley Parish where the Society of St. John the Evangelist began). We will also explore the Meditatio Center for the World Community for Christian Meditation there in London. Fr. Stuart will be working with his colleagues from the New Contemplatives Exchange at both Oxford and the WCCM house to plan conversations.

Current costs are under $3,000, in an effort to make it as affordable as possible. Costs should go down even farther with reduced flight cost and the planned fundraisers beginning in November. It is an intergenerational pilgrimage, with families invited. High School youth may go with the chaperones from the parish. We will be staying at St. Giles Hotel in downtown London the entire time to make transportation easier. A deposit of $300 is due by September 15 to hold your spot, so please be in touch with Liz Howington to RSVP. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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