News for July 23-29

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Rev. Dr. Melissa Hartley at Grace

This Sunday, July 23, we will welcome the Rev. Dr. Melissa Hartley to Grace! Melissa was ordained at Grace and served as Associate Rector before heading off to graduate school where she received her Ph.D. in liturgical studies. She is now the Associate Chaplain at the University of the South (and was a professor of mine in the Summer doctoral program!). I have invited her back to Grace to preach at both services and lead a special Sunday forum conversation—being especially mindful of our ongoing work with the Bicentennial plan and ideas on potential expansion and growth in our worship space.

Specifically, she will lead the adult formation class with a program focusing on liturgical space. She will look at the influence theology has on worship space as well as the effect a particular space can have on the ways a congregation goes about worshipping. Over the course of history, we can see the changes in the theology of the prayer book reflected in the worship space. What impact has the current prayer book had on liturgical space? Over time, how have changes in theology shifted the locations of the three centers of worship space (i.e., the font, the lectern/pulpit, and the altar/table)?

Fr. Stuart+

Family Promise

We will host Family Promise guests from July 23-30. Please visit our online spreadsheet to see ways you can help with this outreach effort.

Sign Up Deadline for Vogel

Please let Jeremy Landers know by Sunday, July 23 if you plan to attend the 11th annual Day in the Mountains and Picnic Lunch at Vogel State Park in Blairsville on Saturday, July 29. Enjoy the cooler  mountain air as we gather in the shade next to Trahlyta Lake for lunch, fellowship, and outdoor fun. Located at the base of Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest, with an elevation of 2,500 feet, Vogel is a great spot to spend a hot summer day.

This family friendly and wheelchair accessible event is organized by the hike group at the end of each summer for ALL members of Grace and their friends to enjoy. Complete details (planned and optional activities, what to bring, fees, etc.) can be found at our website.

Grace has rented a 15 passenger van and anyone, including youth and their friends, is invited to ride as a group to the picnic. (Parents: if you will not be attending with your youth, or if your child is bringing a friend, a release form is required. Please ask Liz for details) We will depart from the church at 8:30 AM and will leave Vogel around 5:00 PM. You should bring what you need to make you comfortable for a day away. When you RSVP, please let us know if you would prefer a hot dog or hamburger for lunch and that will be provided. Plans are to stop for dinner on the way back so please bring money for dinner. If you would like to claim a seat in the van, please email Liz Howington as soon as possible.

Setting the Table

As a child, setting the table was one of my chores. I would get out the silverware, the napkins and the glasses. I loved the act of placing the utensils and preparing for the meal. I felt a part of something bigger than just the items that went on the table… I still do, both at home and at church – I love preparing God’s Table for the Great Feast as an Altar Guild member. There is just something about the vessels that hold the body and blood of our Lord that is sacred, special and make me feel like I am closer to God in the moment of preparing for the Meal. Barbara Conley and I are excited and honored to be the new Co-Chairs of Altar Guild. We would like to invite all members of our current Altar Guild, as well as any interested persons to come to an meeting on Thursday July 27 at 6:00 PM in the Nave. There we will do a refresher course for all returning members and a starter course for those wanting to jump in! If you have questions about Altar Guild, feel free to contact either of us: Barbara Conley or Meredith West.

Meredith West

Foyers Groups Forming Now

We have enjoyed Foyers as new members of the church in the 1980s and now again as long time members of the church in 2017. As a young couple and new to Grace, we found Foyers to be a great way to meet church members. Once we had participated in a couple of Foyers, we enjoyed Grace much more as we knew other parishioners and could talk about common interests. In the 1980s, many of the long time members of Grace made a point to be part of Foyers as a way of welcoming new members. There is no better way to get comfortable with people than to share a meal. Our experience in 2017 has been equally enjoyable. We continue to make new friends as well as getting to know people whose faces we recognize from church.

Rob and Dale Jaeger

Foyers groups are forming now! Sign up online or at the information station no later than Sunday, August 20.

Save the Date:

This blog post highlights some events and news pertinent to the upcoming week. The primary source of information about what’s happening at Grace Church is our weekly newsletter – for full news and events please subscribe to the e-vangelist!

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