Together… as One

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What a blessed community we have at Grace. So many wonderful parishioners doing so many wonderful things in the church as well as the community. This year’s stewardship theme, “Together… One” reflects this incredible gift we have within our church community and the power we have when we collectively pool our resources and work toward a common goal in God’s name.

Pledge cards were mailed to member households yesterday. You can fill them out and return them in the envelope provided, or you can make your pledge online at We ask that all pledge cards be submitted by November 6, The Feast of All Saints. Please use this time to reflect on the incredible blessings and gifts you have received as well as the many outreach efforts in which the church is actively involved. Your financial, as well as your time and talent contributions, are key to not only continuing these efforts, but expanding our reach.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, we thank you in advance for helping Grace continue on the wonderful path on which we are collectively traveling. Together, all things are possible.

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