A Survey to Launch Our Bicentennial Vision Work

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As you know, we are well into the discernment period in our Bicentennial survey project. I sent out the survey at the first of the month, and responses have been coming in! Thank you to all who have taken a few minutes to share their thoughts, dreams, hopes, and prayers.

Please remember that THIS SURVEY will be the vehicle that launches all our future conversations. Questions of “How might we expand?” “What might we do?” and “Who are we growing to be?” will bloom from the initial seeds in this survey. It is so important that we hear as many of your voices as possible in this critical stage of our common life. All parishioners age 6th grade and up are invited to respond below, if you have not done so previously.

And, mark your calendars for Wednesday evening, August 24. We will have our Wednesday Night Dinner at 5:30 PM and I’ll share the survey responses with you all beginning at 6:30 PM. These Wednesday evening spaces can be wonderful times of reflection and conversation as we continue leaning into God’s vision for our community.

I am so very grateful for you!

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