A Message From Rabbi Biller

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Dear members of Grace and friends in the Gainesville area:rabbibiller2

This is me holding a 5 lb. box of matzah, getting ready for Passover.

What’s unusual about that? Whats unusual is that while preparing for Passover, my holiday, I am thinking of YOU, all of you.

Our sacred times seem to have blended. I re-connect to you all, to the amazing synergy we created, exquisitely crossing barriers, discovering what is common between us:…..that we are all in G-d’s image, all made with Holy sparks… and recognizing in those sparks the commonality we have.

And so at YOUR sacred holidays, I think of you….and at MY sacred times I think of you.

Late last Fall, I turned to my wife Ellen, and said “I miss my new best 100 Episcopalian friends!” That afternoon, Reverend Cynthia called me to say a group had wandered into her office talking about our Fall Symposium saying wistfully “Do you think HE misses us too?…”. Beautiful synchronicity and exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m hoping you will call Grace Episcopal, and register now, for this special upcoming Friday & Saturday May 6-7 weekend.

The Friday evening and Saturday daytime presentations will be “Mysticism, Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah“. Friday evening- light dinner and exploration, Saturday – morning, light lunch and afternoon presentation and discussion. I hope it will be illuminating and also facilitate the deepening of your own spiritual life.


‘Havdalah’ is a short beautiful and moving medieval ceremony, designed for the close of the Sabbath, to lift the spirits for a return to the ‘regular work week’. It is recited in the dark, as stars begin to twinkle outside, lit by braided candles representing souls coming together.

We had hoped to include it last Fall and could not, but we will be meeting for the special Havdalah ceremony Saturday, May 7 at 9:00 PM for stories, Havdalah ceremony, singing and, of course, food and company.


Some of you know I was in Israel in March, visiting my 18 year old son who is there studying and volunteering for a year. On Sunday morning, May 8, at 9:30 AM, at Father Stuart’s invitation, I am presenting photos and stories from the trip – and we will talk about our jointly planned Rabbi / Grace trip to Israel Fall 2017, which Cynthia and Stuart and I are putting together.

Isn’t that an amazing image? The weather in the Fall there is beautiful, and Fall 2017 gives you time to set aside your savings to make this trip a reality. I imagine it to be a 5-7 day trip, intense, unusual, spiritual and affordable. Come for the presentation – and start imagining being there in Fall 2017.

So, Grace members and friends, put a big red circle around Friday May 6, Saturday May 7, and Sunday May 8 on your calendar – call Grace at 770-536-0126 by May 2 to register – and I hope to connect and re-connect with so many of you.

With love and admiration,
Rabbi Mark Biller

Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah

Friday evening May 6 at 5:30 PM
Saturday May 7 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Cost is $25, includes dinner Friday and lunch Saturday.
Call 770-536-0126 by Monday, May 2 to register!

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