Kabbalah: Seekers of Wondering

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The Seekers class will reconvene Sunday, April 10th, for the first of three classes introducing the Kabbalah in preparation for Rabbi Mark Biller’s return to Grace for a weekend at the beginning of May focusing on the mystical traditions of spirituality in the Kabbalah.  In preparation for Sunday’s class you may want to listen to the NPR episode of “On Being” hosted by Krista Tippett when she has a conversation with Rabbi Howard Kushner on Kabbalah.  The program is available at  http://www.onbeing.org/program/lawrence-kushner-kabbalah-and-the-inner-life-of-god/6309

Sunday’s class will meet in the Parish Hall, or rather more accurately in one corner of the Parish Hall, while the Conference Room is serving as the home of half of the Parish Office while painting goes on in the Grace Center.  If you bring any offering of food for us to share just make sure that no other class or wandering episcopals raid the holy shewbread, aka showbread, set aside for the elect in the tabernacle, i.e., the Seekers in modern translation.

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