Seekers March 13th

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We are all in some free-fall and dismay in losing the company of Ron Walker in studying and exploring our own lives in the communion and stories we share in and out of our lives together, Christian or merely incarnate.  Seekers, that began as a class many years ago with a generational identity of openness, has been led for several recent semesters by Ron with his gift for teaching and his challenging of our understanding, our faith, and our communion in and with one another.

I’ve been approached by more than one member of the class who has urged talking about our mutual dismays, and then dismissing the class for the rest of the year.  I have also been approached by more than one member of the class who would like to continue in a Bible study of Genesis after Easter until Pentecost.

I’ve also been delighted to hear that Rabbi Mark Biller is coming to Grace again for a weekend introduction to Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah on Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th, the weekend of the last Sunday of Easter before Pentecost on May 15th.

Might whoever wishes to continue to meet in the Conference Room on Sunday mornings between the two services engage in an humble and curious introduction to the Kabbalah in preparation for Rabbi Biller’s course?

I’ll look forward to meeting with any members of the Seekers who would like to gather and gratefully appreciate the class’s long and meaningful part in Grace Church — and to consider how  the spirit of thoughtful inquiry might continue to be nourished among us.


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