Grace Church Serves the Food Pantry

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Our next food pantry rotation is March 15-25. On Sunday, February 28 you will be asked to take empty bags home and return them to the Church by March 10 with requested food items.

This can perhaps answer two frequently asked questions regarding the foods you provide:
• Where does the food go?
• What is the difference between the Food BANK and the Food PANTRY?

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank is located on Calvary Church Rd. This Food BANK is a facility where donated products arrive from large food drives, grocery and food distributors, growers, and other sources of surplus food. This food is then sold, at a much reduced price, and distributed, to Partner Agencies of the Food BANK in 5 counties, including Hall. The Community Food Pantry, located on Oak Street in Gainesville, is one of those partner agencies.

The Community Food PANTRY is supported and run by 5 Gainesville churches. Serving the PANTRY is the longest ongoing outreach ministry of Grace Church. This is where your bags go. The PANTRY provides groceries to over 2800 food deprived families each year.

Volunteers from Grace Church serve the PANTRY 10 weeks a year: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12:00-1:30. Additionally Grace Church Outreach provides funds to help with rent, food purchases, and other expenses of the Pantry. And, best of all, Grace Church parishioners continue to bring bags of requested items for the PANTRY. These items are then taken to the PANTRY where they become a part of helping families not go to bed hungry.

The food you donate does make a difference in the lives of many within our community. Thank you for your continued support.

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Thank you to guest blogger Daphne David for this article about Grace Church’s work with the Food Pantry.

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