Next Week’s News: February 14-20

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Offerings for Lent Next Week

Morning & Evening Prayer Morning Prayer will be offered at 8:15 AM every weekday morning in the chapel. Evening Prayer will be offered at 5:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and at 6:30 PM on Wednesday.

soup-313759_1920Lenten Supper & Evening Prayer Come share in a space of fellowship, a simple meal, and Evening Prayer on Wednesday February 17. Fr. Stuart will host any who want to help cook soup, beginning at 4:00 PM. A shared meal of soup and salad will be available from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Cost will be $5 for youth and adults. Children 5th grade and younger eat free. Please make a reservation by noon on Monday, February 15.

Evening Prayer will follow the meal, at 6:30 in the chapel, and all are encouraged to attend.

Ecumenical Worship and Lunch At noon each Wednesday in Lent we will gather with members of other churches in our community for worship and a light lunch. (Suggested donation is $5.) The service on February 17 will be at First Baptist Church and The Rev. Stuart Higginbotham will preach. Please note that there will be no 12:10 PM service in our chapel during Lent.

Lean Into Lent: A Prayer Practice Class Every Thursday in Lent, beginning Thursday, February 18, join Laura Masterson and Cheryl Kelley in the chapel at noon to explore different ways to experience scripture and prayer. We’ll use our senses and imaginations to see where God is leading us during this Lenten season. Bring a journal and your curiosity and meet in the chapel at noon. We will finish before 1:00 PM.

Mite Boxes Mite Boxes invite us to make available during Lent some of our treasure for the relief of our needy neighbors by placing money in the box on a regular basis throughout the season. Money received will be forwarded to Episcopal Relief and Development. Pick up a mite box from the information table or in the parish office.

lentwordcloudLenten Devotional Booklet We have gathered offerings from various members of our parish, lay and ordained, to use as our Lenten devotional. The collection of personal reflections on the Daily Office scriptures was emailed and is also available for download. (NOTE: some corrections have been made to the original file that was emailed earlier this week. If you downloaded the previous version to your computer, please replace it with the version at the link above.)

Leave Your Prayers at the Cross The cross that is used for flowering on Easter morning is currently being used to hold our Lenten burdens. Stop by the cross, located in the Greeting Area, and write down a prayer or worry on a slip of paper provided. Then roll it up and place it in the cross. Smaller children may draw a picture, but need not write anything at all. The simple act of thinking a prayer and rolling up the paper is similar to lighting a candle in prayer. On Easter morning these prayers will be taken out and replaced with flowers.

Sunday Forum: BCP 101 Continues

We continue on February 14 with our “instructed Morning Prayer,” exploring how to use the Daily Office to enrich and enliven our regular practices of prayer. This week’s session looks at Evening Prayer and other resources that both simplify and expand our daily practice. We’ll have helpful bibliographies and, of course, a guided run through to experience the full office.

COG Closed

Children of Grace Preschool will be closed on Monday, February 15.

Family Promise

Guests from Family Promise will be with us at Grace Church February 14-21.

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