Habitat for Humanity

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Grace Church is joining other Gainesville churches to build 2 new homes with Habitat for Humanity of Hall County. This truly is a shared build where our faith communities will work together to care for God’s community. The foundations have been laid and construction is beginning. There are 4 ways to participate:

  • Volunteer to work on any build day
  • Volunteer for special Grace days where we partner with another church
  • Band together with others to provide lunch for a build day
  • Donate money to Habitat, Hall County (The second house is not yet paid for)

You can sign up as an individual or small group online (a simple registration is required). Build days will typically be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Opportunities will be posted through Habitat for Humanity of Hall County’s website. You can volunteer for any posted opportunities at any time. Getting a group together to work as a team is a great way to spend the morning.

Check out this link to register for the sign up site. Once you are registered (don’t forget to put the church name!) you will be able to sign up for any need that is posted. We will also be coordinating larger groups from Grace in the coming weeks. These opportunities might be Grace folks helping out on a particular day, or teaming up with another church. Imagine the fun we can have on a Grace-First Baptist day!

You don’t need to swing a hammer to help. Lunches are also needed on workdays. The churches (yes, that’s you!) would like to work together to provide lunches for those working on site. We can provide or prepare lunches for 20-50 people on any given work day. Our local coordinator will help coordinate days and times.

If you haven’t been to a Habitat for Humanity site, check out this video of local clergy working and playing hard . . . you’ll recognize some familiar faces!

This is an exciting project. We are all glad to be back on a Habitat build and I’m looking forward to bending a few nails next to you!

Fr. Alan

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