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Our church this year has chosen for its stewardship campaign the theme of “The Gifts of God,” the blessings we receive and giving of ourselves through our talent, time, and financial contributions. I personally have had many opportunities through my time at the church where I have been able to appreciate, experience, and contribute to these gifts and benefit from the contributions of others. One example is through the choristers’ program directed by Dr. Brown. Since 2nd grade up until my junior year in high school, 8 years, I went through the training to become a better singer with the voice God gave me. Dr. Brown devoted his time to teaching us things like how to read music, diction, and scales. My fellow choristers and I provided and perfected our talent. A lot of my learning opportunities were possible because of the financial contributions made by the congregation, especially those that supported the music program. This financial support helped send me and several other choristers to the Royal School of Church Music for two years over the summer. There we connected with other choirs and shared all of our talent with other churches and the community while we learned more about music with music theory classes, vocal classes, and sight reading classes.

I have also had the opportunity to share and appreciate God’s gifts through our church’s youth group. From Youth Services to service projects such as Secret Santa shopping, caroling at retirement homes during the holidays, and participating in the Hunger Walk – all the youth of our church have learned so much and shared so much with the community. The people that make this all possible again are those whose financial contributions support the programs such as our Pilgrimage and our leaders devoting their time to highlighting our talents and teaching us all about God and his teachings.

It takes the contributions of everyone to make Grace Church what it is.  I have personally enjoyed the talents of others within our church through hearing the adult choir sing, seeing the little kids that I take care of on Wednesdays and in the nursery draw pictures for their friends, family, and teachers, and witnessing the time consuming responsibility of making sure everything flows smoothly that the staff have mastered, not to mention the leadership of our three Reverends, that we are blessed to have. At Grace, we are truly blessed.

Louisa Gille


In addition to being asked to write a reflection for our 2016 stewardship canvass, Louisa is one of two youth chosen to contribute to this blog on a regular basis. She is a Junior at Gainesville High School and a member of our Young Adults in the Church group.