The Gifts of God

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As we began looking for folks to contribute to this year’s stewardship reflections, I thought of Tom and Cathy Watkins.  They recently moved to Grace from St. David’s in Roswell, where they were very involved in the leadership team.  They bring with them enormous experience in capital campaigns and financial management, and they also bring a keen awareness of what is possible when a community comes together to share its gifts and support those in need.  So, I asked Tom to write a few thoughts, being mindful that his voice might challenge us to dream even more at Grace. 

Fr. Stuart+

Here is his note:

When I think of stewardship, I am reminded that we’re not only talking about activities directed at church members.  My wife, Cathy, and I attended a church that offered a summer program for underprivileged children within a twenty-five mile radius of the church.  Recommended children from kindergarten to sixth grade from the Roswell-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta area attended during July, and they received breakfast and lunch.  They had wonderful classes and shared in recreation activities as well.  Some even had the chance to go to Camp Mikell, and some of these became counselors there.

The program had run for over twenty years, and it was supported by non-paid church members—an extraordinary team of dedicated folks.  Cathy and I still run into many students that attended the program and now have full lives and jobs in the North Fulton area.  We are constantly reminded how we are called to share our gifts with one another, with the entire community.  When I think of my time at Grace, I give thanks that our finances are stable.  We have enormous potential to grow and continue making our outreach ministries stronger and even more expansive.  Let’s work to imagine what we might be able to do!

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