Evening Prayer for Compassion & Healing

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As I shared last Sunday, my heart has been heavy these past two weeks, with news of refugees, migrants, bombings, shootings, executions, floods…heavy news in what feels like very heavy times. Many of us also have heaviness that is rooted closer to home: illness, deaths of loved ones, sudden transitions. In times such as these, my ministry as your rector becomes clear: to invite us into a space of prayer and community support.

life-864359_1280 cropIn that spirit, I invite everyone to come together on Sunday, October 11 at 5:00 PM for Evening Prayer for Compassion and Healing. During the next few days, I invite you to write out those things that are heavy on your heart. We will collect the prayers of the people during the service, sharing with one another as we come together to seek the Spirit’s guidance and comfort.

If you play an instrument, you are invited to come a bit earlier to practice; we will share in simple and powerful Taize’ chants to help create this space of prayer. If you have a poem that speaks to you, bring it to share. If you have an icon or painting or picture that speaks to you, bring it with you to help create this space. Also, I invite everyone to bring a candle and holder with them to light. After sharing our light with one another, you’ll then be able to take your candle home to keep the light burning in your daily life.

Above all, come to share in this meaningful space of common prayer.

Fr. Stuart+

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