Sacramental Ethics – Wednesday, October 7

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How does our common life inform our life and work in the world?

We live in a circle that draws us in toward this place and toward one another, and then propels us out into the streets, and to our homes and vocations, and into the world. When we are together, we embody certain rituals that remind us of who God is and how God is in our own lives and the lives of all. Witnessing these actions in community — participating in these movements together — transforms us. We are changed as we witness God’s reality. Our view of the world is transformed.

A transformed view of the world leads to a way of being that is particularly Christian, specifically Anglican, and especially YOUR own expression of God’s love in your own life. Bringing all this to bear on questions of ethics and action, on dilemmas of conscience, leads us to a way of being that is grounded in the sacramental actions of God in this community.

This Wednesday, October 7, we will discuss how a sacramental view of the world can guide us in the day and inform us in the dark night. We will examine how “practicing life” builds on and informs our common life, and propels us back to a transformative vision of God’s world. Join us this Wednesday evening to talk about sacramental ethics and the life-giving area between the world and God’s dream for the world.

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