We Didn’t Make It!

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grace - 1 (13)revSometimes when returning from a youth event, folks will ask how it went, and the joke is “Well, we survived!” And my favorite response this year  is, “It was good, and we only lost three of them.”

But it’s true, we did go on retreat and we all made it out on the other side. Hopefully we had some fun, learned a little about ourselves and each other, and came together a little bit as a group — as one part of the Grace Family.


This year, we talked a lot about HOW to see where God is moving in the world and in our lives. Do you want to know the secret to be able to do it, too? (It’s easy!) You have to be willing to ask questions. When you see something happening, or when you notice another person or situation, you don’t have to respond a certain way. But you can ask yourself: What’s happening here? Where is God in this? Where am I in this story?

Img_0046rev2It takes practice sometimes to not jump to conclusions or directly into action. And that’s what we started on this retreat. We practiced asking questions about a variety of situations, social problems, and even the Bible. We looked at where God might be moving in and around us. We examined where we might be pulled into what is happening around us.

Thirty-one youth were able to attend the retreat and we missed those who couldn’t join us. I am so impressed with the leadership of the older youth, the boldness of the newest youth, and the honesty and steadiness of the whole group.

I continue to be amazed by you!!

20150823revI believe we didn’t just make it through the weekend, but we thrived, lived authentically for a few days, and gained some skills to help us continue to grow into God and contribute to God’s mission in the world. Thanks be to God.

Fr. Alan+



  1. Wonderful comments and yes, thanks be to God and thank you for keeping us updated. Holler when we can help with anything.
    Polly Jones

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