Christianity Beyond the Catchphrases

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How can we come together as a wider community, listening to our experiences and sharing the perspectives of our denominations? Given the different ways faith communities are responding to and wrestling with recent social and legal changes – how can we share a space of compassionate dialogue? Too often, it seems we slip into the pattern of using catchphrases to describe different faith communities: liberal, conservative, Bible-based, etc. These limit the richness of each denomination, and they cut off the depth of dialogue that fosters deep community.

In that vein, Grace Episcopal Church is hosting the first ever ecumenical panel in Gainesville: “Christianity Beyond the Catchphrases.” At this point, we have eight clergy from five denominations who are coming together to share our perspectives of faith, spiritual leadership, community, and theology. The panel discussion will be moderated and is open to the community.

We will gather in the nave at Grace Church on Wednesday evening, August 12 at 6:00 PM, with coffee and dessert to follow. Come early to get a seat (doors open at 5:30 PM), as it will probably be standing room only by the end! And, we hope this is the first of many such conversations.

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