Mission, it’s not what you think.

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Mission is a word the church likes to use a lot. We go on mission trips and support missionaries. We are very fond of doing mission work. But many of these things have nothing to do with us. These are tasks we often accomplish at a distance (like a distant missionary), one or more steps removed from the end result (like writing a check to support someone’s act of service). But I wonder what God’s mission is.

If we are the Body of Christ and believe mission is something the Church is called to do, aren’t we saying that this is something God is also doing? What is God’s mission?

God is deeply invested in humans. God gave up everything to reconcile us to God — was willing to die to bring us home. God’s mission might be humanity. And here’s the thing: that includes . . . you. and me.

If we want to talk about mission, we should be thinking about how and where God is working not just in the world, but in us — in our hearts and souls and minds. We also have to be willing to be surprised by where God is showing up. We might be doing a lot of good work, a lot of service, but what if something awesome is happening in the life of our neighbor, or in the ministry on the other side of town, or in some group we don’t even talk to? How can we join that and be a part of what God is already doing?

God is working in US to make space and skills to join God’s mission.

This is some of what we’ll be talking about on the Youth Retreat this year. The theme is MISSION: mission. 

All youth of Grace (rising 6th-12th grades) are invited. The cost is $95 and you can look for registration materials this week at church, in the mail, and online. If you’d like to register online, follow this link. We’ll see you at Camp Mikell!

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