Youth, Leading by Example

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Summer is not an idle time. It is a time to slow down in the warm breeze, or perhaps enjoy those long, strange evenings on the lake or in the garden. But lately I’m thinking about all transitions that happen in Summer. Maybe it’s because I am in the middle of a number of transitions myself, but it seems like everything is moving in these warm, long months. The longest day has passed and the sun is already setting earlier and earlier.

People are also moving through life. Through the course of the summer we will change grades or addresses or schools or jobs. And there is some uncertainty in all of that. When we are surrounded by uncertainty, we often like to spend time in environments we know, that feel stable. We might look for opportunities to try new adventures or revisit old, joy-filled routines, but we try to surround ourselves with the people we love most.

That’s why I am so grateful to have worked last week with some of our Youth at Grace who gave up some of their time to volunteer with Vacation Bible School. Peyton, Ally, Sara, Danielle, Louisa, Julia, Laney, Emmy, Delaney, and Parker made Grace proud. These Youth worked as team leaders and helpers and runners and musicians, doing everything that was asked of them and more. They worked with grace and joy throughout the week, handling the ordinary and extraordinary with skill and a smile. This is no small thing; it is just one example of the Youth we have here at Grace. I am thrilled to get the chance to see all the places they will continue to use their gifts within our community.

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