Every One Counts: Time & Talent

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And here we offer and present unto thee, O Lord, our selves, our souls and bodies…
Rite I Eucharistic Prayer, BCP 336

These words from the Eucharistic Prayer focus our attention on our call to share of ourselves within a spiritual community. God has given each one of us gifts and strengths, and we are mindful of Christ’s challenge not to hide our lamp under a bushel basket (Matthew 5:15). This year, during the Season of Lent, the entire parish is invited to be mindful of the myriad gifts and strengths we have. How is God calling to you to help nurture this wonderful community, even as you, yourself, are nurtured by those around you?

Our 2015 Time and Talent pledge card is located online at the link below or on the information table. We have listed the spaces within the community where your particular gifts may take root and grow. I invite you to spend a bit of time reflecting on these. Maybe you have been here a while and you use this time to renew your commitment. Maybe you’re new to the community and this is your first time to step out and claim your space. I encourage each and every person in the parish to choose at least one space to share in ministry. You can explore online to learn more information, leave a comment or question here on the blog, or you can always call a vestry or staff person for guidance.

» Time & Talent Pledge for 2015

After Easter, the vestry will reach out to those who have not signed up, encouraging and discerning together the ways in which the Spirit may be inviting you to share your light with the world around you. What a wonderful opportunity to continue sinking roots into this amazing spiritual community called Grace Church!

Blessings to you!

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