The Ark has landed!

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Last month in Sunday school, the Discovery children were taught the story of Noah…what fun we had teaching and learning this classic story from the Bible! One of our fun-loving teachers, Margaret, dressed up as Noah and the children discovered Noah building an altar to God as he explained first-hand what he has been through in the last 10 months…from hearing God’s voice to build an ark to seeing the dove fly back with a twig branch! Noah shared that he felt a little crazy (his family certainly thought so) and that if he didn’t feel crazy enough to start with…all those arkanimals screeching, cawing, frightened and smelling were enough to make him that way! He and his family were wet, tired, grumpy and seasick! Oh, but what joy and hope they experienced when the dove returned with a branch…Noah invited the children to help him build an altar with the stones found on the dry land. The rocks remind us that God is strong and sure. The children also painted a rock to symbolize God’s covenant with us so that they could have their own alter to remind them of Noah’s story and God’s promise.

The children also learned that Noah and his family had a big lesson in trust! They had to trust that God would provide them the patience and know-how to deal with all these frightened animals and terrible conditions! They had to trust that God would cease the rain after 40 days as promised and hold up his end of the deal! The first lesson in trust came in following God’s request to build an ark…Noah was a farmer, not a builder! This was all new! We measured out 450 feet in the Grace and Brenau lots to see just how big this boat was and what a huge project he undertook to build something he had no experience with in just 7 days!!!! Then, we all did trust exercises…such as falling and trusting that our friend would catch us to demonstrate how hard it can be to trust!

I think the grown-up’s learned a few things too…we are called to faith that sometimes tests our own judgment…we are asked to trust when trust feels shaky…we are sometimes un-comfortable and possibly annoyed when God’s will isn’t neat and clean…we are all people of God’s covenant…a covenant that is not a contract between two agreeing people but one of divine presence offered un-conditionally.

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