Next Week’s News: Sept 28 – Oct 4

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Sunday Forum
Beginning September 28, join Fr. Stuart for a guided reflection on the spiritual life within Anglicanism. Building on his doctorate work, we will explore aspects of history, theology, spiritual formation, and practices of prayer within the rich mystical tradition of Christianity. Participants are encouraged to purchase a copy of Living Your Strengths, by Albert Winesman et al. As well, all are encouraged to bring their own copy of the Book of Common Prayer, a Bible, and a journal or binder for taking and keeping notes. We will delve more deeply into what Christian practice might look like in its myriad forms, as well as how we understand the presence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and work. For assistance with purchasing resources, please contact Fr. Stuart. Class notes, questions, videos and other useful items will be posted on Fr. Stuart’s Obediere blog.

Adopt a Godchild
Our new intergenerational program, “Adopt a Godchild,” needs more godparents! Sign up this Sunday in the Greeting Area. The idea is to gain the opportunity to build a relationship with a child/adult that you don’t yet know closely, share common threads, and support one another in our faith. The program includes children ages birth to age 18 and adults ages 19-100+!!!

GWAG on October 1: #eatpraytalk
On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month we gather to enjoy a meal, Evening Prayer, and the opportunity to socialize with friends. Make a meal reservation no later than 12:00 PM on Monday, September 29. more GWAG details

No 12:10 Service
There will be no 12:10 PM service of worship on Wednesday, October 1.

Save the Date for GWAG on October 8: #eatprayconnect
On Wednesday, October 8, join us for a night of mystery and fun at our first annual “Holy Ghost Hunt” where we will learn of the Christian customs that helped to form Halloween as we know it today. The history will lead us to clues… that will lead us to our pumpkins…that will lead us to our decorating. Don’t miss this fun event for all ages! more details


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