Spiritual Formation This Fall

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Dear Parish Family,

Fall is the time when we go back to school. It is a time of routine, of daily tasks, of early rises, buses, exams…and homework! It is also a time of learning new things, of new insights, of new experiences…

Each year, the parish begins its Spiritual Formation program. But it is much more than a “program.” Rather, we seek to offer a space where we can all continue growing in our awareness of God’s presence in our lives. As children, youth, and adults, we all are invited to open ourselves to a deeper realization of God’s indwelling Spirit. As Episcopalians, we are always reminded that our common prayer grounds all that we do. It is through prayer that we come to realize God’s invitation to us. It is through prayer that we realize that we do not “do” anything without God’s grace, always nurturing, always encouraging, always challenging…always…

I invite you this Fall to delve more deeply into your practice of faith. For children, how can we continue to learn the language of our faith? The stories? The promises? For youth, how can we always be reminded that God never leaves us, especially through times of growth and change. For adults, how can we become more aware of our deeper identity in God, through the Spirit?

There are many spaces to explore: the Inquirers’ Class with Sheila Nicholas for those who are new to the parish community. The Seekers Class which explores the complexities and dynamics of religion in our world. And, I will also offer a class this Fall that focuses on the richness of Anglicanism and the mystical tradition. In the parish hall, we will explore mysticism and the sphere of spiritual theology, delving into the richness of spiritual practice within our every day lives. Join the conversation!

Ronald Rolheiser wrote that “At the root of the mystical tradition is the concept that God is present within us and around us, but we are not, save for rare moments, aware of that presence” (The Shattered Lantern).

I invite you to explore…experience…encounter the living God who gives you life and continues to lead us into new spaces of awareness.

As always, I am so grateful for the space we share…


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