Adopt a Godchild

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We are introducing a new concept in our parish wide desire to know one another more fully in a more cross-generational spirit called… “Adopt a Godchild.”  The idea is to gain the opportunity for building a relationship with a child/adult that you don’t yet know closely and share our common threads and support one another in our faith. This adult would be accepted into the family of the child as you would a favorite aunt, uncle or grandparent. The adult would share in the growth of this child in the church as well as in the child’s community. This includes children ages birth to age 18 and adults ages 19-100+!!!


A Grace member who took part in this at a past parish describes the experience, “The god-parent was invited to any life event that a grandparent might attend. Examples may include theatre productions, sporting events, graduations, confirmations, etc. On the flip side, the child would do occasional small things as well for the adult. They may bring them a flower on their birthday or something along those lines. The god-parent was also encouraged to have a longer check-in with the youth once a month. This might mean grabbing a burger or getting coffee.”

This Sunday, September 7, you are invited to stay for a brief meeting after the 10:45 AM service to learn more about the framework of this program and ask any questions that you may have.

During the month of September, our Daughters of the King will have sign-up available for all adults and children on Sundays and Wednesdays. Once we have compiled our list, children and adults will be paired by preferences…for example, boy age 3…girl age 17.

On October 19, we will celebrate Youth Sunday and also use this as a time to have a special blessing of the “paired” godchildren and godparents.

We hope you will consider signing up for this special journey in fellowship!

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