Welcome Pilgrims

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It’s VBS week at Grace Church. During our time together, we are going on a pilgrimage in search of sacred space. We are becoming “pilgrims,” “apprentices,” and “artisans” as we experience activities such as making stained glass windows, prayer flags, and even a masonry wall.


Every day we are singing and dancing to music that moves us spiritually and we are passing the peace with one another.


Kids are engaging in activities that include tiling with mosaics like that of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and laying underneath tables to paint as though they were painting the Sistine Chapel.


Yesterday, the children met three Michelangelos and learned that he was an architect, a sculptor and a painter. After studying Michelangelo’s Pieta we sculpted our own gargoyles like those found on the old historic Cathedrals.


Still to come is making candles that set the tone for worship and learning to play hand bells! We will go on a labyrinth walk and hunt for holy relics during a scavenger hunt after learning about St. Helena’s pilgrimage. As you can see, we are covering some ground this week! Our hope is that we will be transformed by these experiences and this journey.

Visit the VBS Facebook page to see more photos of our journey.

Oh God, how lovely is your dwelling place. Whether that place is in a grand cathedral, our local church, our walks in nature or simply the sacred space of our own hearts, we seek to be aware of your holy presence. Thank you for your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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