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Summer Sunday Forum
What does it mean to be a “member” of Grace Episcopal Church? What does membership “look like” for us as a community?  What is required?  Baptism? Confirmation?  What does the Book of Common Prayer say about membership? The Canons of the Episcopal Church? These are important questions for us as a community, and many of us have different answers to these questions! You are invited to come share in this very important forum as we seek to explore our assumptions and expectations as a community. Come join the conversation: Sundays, June 1 and 8, at 9:30 AM in the Parish Hall.

DOK Admission
On Sunday, June 1, two women from our parish will take the vows into The Order of Daughters of the King. The mission of the Order is the extension of The DOK is an international Order of women located in South America, the Caribbean, Europe and even India, with a mission to extend Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service and Evangelism. The Grace Chapter has over 60 members who serve the church in many different ways. DOK members vow to pray for members of our church and others daily and try to spread God’s Word in our life journeys.

Pictorial Directory
We will begin making appointments later this summer for photography sessions on August 7, 8 and 9. We encourage families with college age children to schedule August appointments before students leave for school. Additional photography appointments will be offered in September. Please watch the newsletter, emails, and website for complete details.

Please continue to keep our youth pilgrims and their leaders in your prayers as they journey in Scotland.

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