Lord, give us dreams

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May 4 was Children’s Sunday at Grace Church. Our choristers sang the communion anthem and one of our youth gave an outstanding and well-delivered homily. The congregation enjoyed family favorite hymns such as “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” and “I sing a song of the Saints of God.” In the weeks leading up to the service, our children were asked a series of questions in their Sunday School classes and their answers to these questions formed the language for the fabulous Prayers of the People below. Hope all enjoyed experiencing God through the eyes and hearts of our children!

With our imagination, our mind, our voices, our knees and with our hands together, let us pray to the Lord. For the happiness, joyfulness, hope, helpfulness that comes from above, and for the awesome, powerful and really good presence of the Lord, let us pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Father, we give you thanks.

For help to love one another, for grateful hearts, for a clean earth, for a place for people to care for each other and for homeless people to have food and shelter and for Grace Church to be beautiful and a place for more people to come to pray, let us pray to the Lord.
Father, help us love one another.

For Bishop Wright, Father Stuart, Father Mike, our church staff, Sunday School teachers, church volunteers, vergers and all the moms and dads, let us pray to the Lord.
Father, teach them so that they may teach us.

For our President, our governors and our mayors and for everyone making important decisions or trying to get elected, let us pray to the Lord.
Father, help them to make good decisions.

For our city of Gainesville and the doctors, teachers, principals, school superintendents, City Council and members of charitable organizations, we pray to the Lord.
God, help them to make good decisions.

For trees, ponds, air, land, lakes, rivers, streams, fish, livestock, eggs, chicken, turkeys, cows, pigs, fish and shrimp and for the materials that make our homes and other buildings, we pray to the Lord.
Dear God, thank you for giving us the resources we need to live.

For help to keep the earth clean, to pick up trash, recycle, re-use and keep our water sources clean, we pray to the Lord.
God, help us to clean up the earth for ourselves and others.

For all who travel by car, planes, trains, boats, submarines, subways, bicycles, buses, scooters, rip sticks, helicopters and spaceships, we pray to the Lord.
God, send an angel to keep them safe and help keep them from crime and motion sickness.

As we travel in our minds by our imagination and dreams, for those of us who see ourselves with unicorns, on yellow brick roads and at the top of Mt. Everest, we pray to the Lord.
Lord, give us dreams.

For all the people who have cancer, who are sick, who are without homes, for people who take too much medicine and for people who do not have any medicine, we pray to the Lord.
Father, heal them or take them to heaven.

For saying words that are unkind, for deaths in families and for our un-care-ness, we pray to the Lord.
God, help us be nice.

For those who have died, we pray that they experience angels all over the place, golden pathways and clouds, all the people and animals that they love, butterflies, nice lions, castles, pool slides, Lego houses, emeralds and a strong and healthy body where everyone has wings and no one is sick or sad.
Lord, help them to have fun in heaven.

For our fear of bad guys, failure, sharks, snakes, monsters and darkness, we pray to the Lord.
Lord, help us to brave and to face our fears. Calm us down and give us courage.

For the things we do wrong to our brothers, sisters, friends and parents, we pray to the Lord.
Lord, forgive us and give us the ability to see the people who need help and energy to do the things we need to do.

For the oil cross on our foreheads, the children accepted into the church, for the promise we make to help babies grow up to learn about God, we pray to the Lord.
God, help us welcome them and keep our promise.

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