Discernment, Vision, and Participation

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Dear parish community,

For four months now, we have shared a rich space of ongoing discernment, prayer, and reflection….wondering where the Spirit may be leading us as a spiritual community. The many pages of reflections and thoughts, and the conversations we have shared, and the further questions have all been compiled into a “working document” that will help us move forward for the remainder of 2014—and beyond.

>> Discernment, Vision, and Participation at Grace

This document, focusing on vision, will give us a great framework on which we can continue to express our ministry as a parish. The document itself is a project—evolving—of a more contemplative way of embodying leadership. Instead of me and the vestry laying out “what we will do,” we have sought a much riskier space by involving the entire parish in an ongoing group reflection. Theologically, we believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in the life of the community. Spiritually, we seek to embody this awareness together through our mutual discernment and participation.

I invite you to take a bit of time and chew on this document. Print it out, if you want, and mark it up! And, bring it with you to the ongoing conversation on Wednesday nights (for the remainder of GWAG) and on Sunday mornings.

As always, I am so honored to be among you…..


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