Hunger Walk Atlanta + Godspell Update!

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As a wonderful use of time and the beautiful weather on Sunday, March 9, the Journey Youth group participated in the Annual Hunger Walk in Atlanta. The Hunger Walk is a 5k walk/run that is organized to help feed the hungry. Every person entering has to pay at least $25 and is allowed to donate more if he/she would like. Every $5, equals one meal for someone. Thousands of people flock to this event in support of this charity. It’s a wonderful event that, not only helps the community, but provides you with the opportunity to exercise as well!

Immediately after church, we all gathered in the Youth Room to scarf down some sandwiches, change, and then we all hopped into the vans to make our merry way down to Atlanta. When we arrived, we all made our way through the enormous crowd to collect our shirts and sign in, when we ran into none other than Bishop Wright! We took a group photo, but I managed to ask him if he would take a selfie with me. And he said he’s be glad to! So, I took selfies with the Bishop. How often to people get to say that?


After that, we all made our way to the starting line to await the beginning of our journey through the streets of Atlanta. When we started, we walked together for a while, but as the crowd shifted so did we.



Finally, we met up at our usual location on the steps of the Capitol Building. Traditionally, we would pose for a picture with the statue there, but when we get there, the statue had been removed. We still got a lovely group photo and all finished the route.


When we returned to the church, people either collapsed on sofas, exhausted, or stayed outside to play four square or frisbee. Eventually, the smell of delicious Mellow Mushroom pizza filled the room, and hungry teenagers followed the trail to dinner. After devouring the pizza, we launched into Godspell rehearsal! So far, we’ve figured out what selections of music we are doing and the parables we will be performing. We have a great group of people and we are super excited about putting on Godspell in April!

Speaking of the cast of Godspell, we have some new faces among the youth group. I have invited three of my friends to be a part of our Godspell cast. Two of which, you may have seen about the church on Wednesdays, or at the Mardi Gras Pancake dinner, or in class on Sunday. André Ribeiro is 17 and a Junior at Gainesville High School and is involved in the theatre program there. James Pendleton is 15 and a Freshman at Gainesville High School and is also involved in the theatre program there. In addition, my friend Nick Smith has joined us. He is 20, attending the University of North Georgia and is an extremely musically inclined person. Nick will be playing the role of Jesus in our little production of Godspell!


Stay tuned for more Godspell updates and further tellings of the miscellaneous adventures of the Grace Church Journey Youth Group!

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