Youth Habitat Build

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Grace Church is pleased to introduce our youth blogger, Emilie! From time to time Emilie will post to help keep you better informed about what the Journey to Adulthood youth group is up to. We look forward to hearing more of her insider’s perspective!

February 14th through the 16th, the YAC group traveled to Alabama to assist on the site of a Habitat for Humanity build. Friday, we all piled into a van an drove off to Birmingham Alabama! Along the way, we entertained ourselves by challenging each other with riddles and playing car games like GHOST. Finally, we arrived and settled in with Mrs. Cheryl Kelley’s parents, the Harmons, who were kind enough to let us stay with them for the weekend.

Saturday morning came too soon for some as we all stumbled out of bed at 6. Coffee was the breath of life for many that morning. At 7, we hit the road to get to our Habitat site at 8. We arrived and we were introduced Beth, Mrs. Cheryl’s sister, and Rickie the site construction manager. We were the priming team. Our job was to clean the house, tape it for painting, and put on a base coat.


First, we swept the house, scrubbed off any stains we could, dusted and removed all the outlet covers.


Next, we went through several rolls of tape to tape the entire house. Some people taped, some spackling was necessary, and we had our drop cloth team that went around to every room and covered the entire floor with a plastic sheet and taped it down.


The family that would be moving into the house next week came by to see what we had done. They loved the house and thanked us. The two daughters in the family stayed to help paint for a bit, but had to leave right before lunch. Seeing them so happy about the house, made our hard work all the more worth while.



After that, we decided it was lunch time and paid a visit to a fast food chain known in Alabama called Jack’s. It was a country style place that served fried chicken, biscuits, and of course fries. They’re fries, however, had butter on them which startled me when I first bit into one. Even so, the food was still pretty good, in terms of fast food. Following our exploratory food adventure, we returned to the work site to finish the painting.


By 4:30 we had put a base coat of paint on every room except for two because we ran out of drop cloth material. We bid our site constructor farewell and all clambered back into the van for the drive back. When we arrived, the question on everyone’s lips was “What’s for dinner?” We ended up getting BBQ for dinner from this BBQ place called The Shack.


It was delicious. Wonderful pulled pork sandwiches with sides of baked beans, cole slaw, fries, and onion rings filled our stomachs. After dinner, we played board games and pool for a while. Finally, the exhaustion set in, and we all went our separate ways to bed.


The next day was Sunday and we had the privilege of attending church at Mrs.Cheryl’s father’s church where he preached. It was a sweet small Presbyterian church. We were greeted warmly and with some surprise at there being 7 youth. So many! It was a lovely service and afterward, we all went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. The boys decided to try the Caesar Salad pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like, pizza with caesar salad on top. Apparently it was really good, because they ate two whole large pizzas of it. I don’t understand how they did it. After our lovely lunch, we all settled into the van for the drive back to Gainesville after a very successful trip.


Overall, it was our hard work and efficiency together that got things done and proved our ability to be a good team.


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