Being Alive

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Being Alive

The only reason for living is being fully alive;
and you can´t be fully alive if you are crushed by secret fear,
and bullied with the threat: Get money, or eat dirt!–
and forced to do a thousand mean things meaner than your nature,
and forced to clutch on to possessions in the hope they´ll make you feel safe,
and forced to watch everyone that comes near you, lest they´ve come to do you down.

Without a bit of common trust in one another, we can´t live.
In the end we go insane.
It is the penalty of fear and meanness, being meaner than our natures are.

To be alive, you´ve got to feel a generous flow,
and under a competitive system that is impossible, really.
The world is waiting for a new great movement of generosity,
or for a great wave of death.
We must change the system, and make living free to all men,
or me must see men die, and then die ourselves

D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930)

— In your experience today, what makes you fully alive?  If we pray with Serapis of Egypt, “We beg you, Lord, make us fully alive,” how might God answer our prayers?

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