Praying in Color during GWAG for Discovery Children

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Praying in Color dring GWAG for Discovery Children

Praying in color helps when…you feel antsy and fidgety when you try to be still and pray. Maybe you start to pray, then fall asleep? You can’t find the words to say what you think or feel…you start to pray but realize that you’re thinking about tomorrow’s soccor game, a friend’s sleepover, or homework. “Our WORDS make great prayers. But WORDS don’t always seem to be there when we need them most. They are sneaky. WORDS play hide and seek. Just when we’re searching for the ones we want, they go missing like socks under the bed.”

Discovery children will begin learning about “Praying in Color” by Sybil MacBeth this Wednesday, Feb. 5th during our GWAG program. Her book and creative technique has changed the prayer life of many adults (including our Daughters of the King) and now she has created a version for kids!

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